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Who Are We?

Peak Workforce Ltd offer a flexible, personal, and high value recruitment service that has a strong focus on addressing the challenge of an ageing workforce.

We understand that the recent recession is causing employers to look for flexible and cost-effective solutions to their recruitment needs whilst maintaining high service standards. Peak Workforce Ltd strives to provide exactly this by offering a tailored approach to your recruitment needs, whilst building a strong relationship with every employer. This allows us to offer a high value recruitment service for a fixed fee of just £249 – meaning that to fill any vacancy will cost no more or no less than this.


Our ‘Forty9ers’ scheme aims to tackle the recent challenge of an ageing workforce by promoting the mutual benefit to employers and job-seekers of recruiting mature, experienced workers. Experience comes with maturity and there are a number of highly skilled workers in the market who are not being recognised for their potential to help businesses flourish. Peak Workforce Ltd work with both mature workers and employers to demonstrate how effective this population can be for business growth and success.

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